Sunday, October 25, 2009

AASU Day 2009

Makin' Brownies
Lexsie, Mike & Nancy

DM's Booth as Part of AMT
Prez Raphyel & Vice-Prez Sam

Plz Buy a Brownie?
Lexsie, Nancy, Mike & Lizzy

Mardi Gras Captain and.....a Mime?
Prez Raphyel & Mallory the Mime

Nom Nom Nom.....WIN!
Vice-Prez Sam

The Pink Boa Totally Makes the Outfit
Scribeperson Jenni, Carolea & Andrew

Friday, October 16, 2009

Minutes from October 14th Meeting - Draft



I. Call to order
II. Approve minutes from last meeting
III. Discussion items
a. AASU Day:
i. AASU day is next Wednesday, October 21st. We’ll make brownies at Jenni’s place the
day before, Tuesday the 20th. Directions to follow.
ii. Decorations: some are provided by AMT, we’ll set up the black board and hang work,
possibly have a section set aside to doodle/draw on? Lexsie and Lizzie are working
on decorations like beads, masks, Nancy has some gold beads to donate. Sam will look
into finding cheap beads we can give away at the booth. Alex might want to make that
an AMT-wide thing?

b. T-Shirts: Raphyel has priced 4 places to get t-shirts and will email out the price list so
DM can vote on where to get the shirts done.

c. Laser Tag! Saturday, October 17th at 3pm meet at Starcastle for Laser tag!

IV. Additional Items

V. Next Meeting:
Next meeting will be Monday, November 2nd at noon in Fine Arts 131

VI. Adjourn

Monday, October 5, 2009

Minutes from October Meeting - Draft



I. Call to order

II. Approve minutes from last meeting

III. Discussion items

a. T-Shirts: Final designs were voted on and Raphyel’s design won.

b. Board outside Mrs. Horne’s office: We will be putting stuff up there including: graphic design/computer artwork, upcoming events, articles and pictures from previous DM events. Please put your submissions into the Dropbok site.

c. Black plywood board: Justin will get the board from Mrs. Horne and store it at his house.

d. Guest Speaker: Jill Phongsa will be speaking Wednesday, October 28th at noon. DM voted to use club funds to purchase the pizza and members signed up to bring other refreshment items.

e. Laser Tag! Saturday, October 17th DM will do laser tag sometime in the late afternoon or evening.

f. AASU Day:
1. DM will combine with the AMT’s booth which has a Mardi Gras theme. Jenni is doing face/body paint, Mike can do caricatures, we’re making brownies (possibly with colored powdered sugar), have cookies (colored as well?), beads, possibly candy, handmade knickknacks by Lexsie. Need ideas for costumes. The theater department is helping with props and the music department is having a Jazz parade.
2. DM was asked to create a poster and flyers for the AMT booth. Justin, Mike and Jenni will create designs by the end of the week and put them in the Dropbok account.

IV. Additional Items

V. Next Meeting:
Next meeting will be Wednesday, October 14th at noon at Godfather’s. Jenni can meet a few folks on campus to give a ride if need be. BRING YOUR $10 DUES IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY!

VI. Adjourn

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Minutes from September Meeting - Draft



I. Call to order

II. Approve minutes from last meeting

III. Discussion items

a. AASU Day: Ideas were discussed for the booth theme; Mardi Gras, 80’s Retro, Futuristic (space). Brownie-making will take place at Jenni’s house and Lexi and Lizzy have volunteered to work on props for whichever theme we decide on.

b. T-Shirts: Jenni, Raphyel, Andrew and Jamaal brought in comps of T-shirts, discussion was had on favorites and any possible changes. Raphyel will look into where to print and prices.

c. Posters: Raphyel, Andrew and Jamaal brought in posters and were voted on by the members. Raphyel’s design won and so will be posted on campus as well as on the board outside Mrs Horne’s office.

d. DM Presentation: Last Wednesday a meeting was held for those involved in the presentation. Right now Sam is speaking, Jenni is creating the content and Nancy is creating background graphics for the PowerPoint presentation.

e. DM Commercial: Great idea but is put on the back burner for now since DM has a lot going on this semester already.

f. Taboo! – Discussed possibly getting together to play Taboo!

g. Tutorials- While Sam’s tutorial idea is a GREAT idea, Mrs. Horne explained that the software he uses for his works aren’t in the lab. The decision was made to do Adobe product tutorials instead.

h. Geekend: Tech conference November 4th and 5th in Savannah that DM members might be interested in attending. Registration fee is $40 but there might be a group discount.

i. Fees: Don’t forget to bring your $10 fee for the club! Fees will go to our Treasurer, Justin.

j. Fun Stuff: Possible laser tag outing in October. Look for dates.

IV. Additional Items

V. Next Meeting:

Monday, October 5, 2009
12 p.m. – 1 p.m.
Fine Arts 131

VI. Adjourn

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Aug. 26 Meeting Topics

Heya DM. Sorry for the delay! Here are the minutes for Design Matters' first meeting of the 09-10 school year. Be sure to check out the blog if you ever need a reminder on what's currently going on in the club. The meeting went as follows:

* Introductions were made by officers, members and new members.
* President gave a brief background about DM and it's founders.
* Past DM events were discussed
* We plan to have a guest speaker this year, Jill Phongsa, as well as
possible other tutorials on graphic design software.
* President discussed DM's rules and regulations which boiled down
to: Monthly DM meetings are mandatory and there is a $10 club fee.
* There is a T-shirt design contest among DM members to design a new
tshirt for the club. Finished concepts are to be ready for voting on
Sept 14th.
* Also, one of our first projects is to create a poster or flyer to
advertise DM and recruit new members. Finished designs are to be
ready for voting on Sept. 14th.
* NOTICE: the cork board outside Mrs Horne's office is now officially
DM space for us to use! We are trying to dig up photos from past DM
events to post on it.
* Another project discussed was the DM members being asked to do a
PowerPoint presentation for the Intro to Graphic Design class. We
need to get this ready ASAP. Volunteers: Justin, Jenni, Sam (kinetic
text/video?) and Nancy (animate logo).
* End of meeting, more pizza consumed...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st Meeting

Ohhhhhhhh snap! It's about to get started! Hello good peoples! In case you haven't gotten emails or saw the fliers around campus, here's another heads up to our first meeting coming up this Wednesday (Aug 26) in Fine Arts Hall Rm. 131 at noon. Oh yeah...I think I remember sayin sumthin about free food last time, right?

We got a bunch of great stuff on the roster and we're lookin for a good few boys and gals to step up to tha plate and give us a helpin hand. Will YOU be one of them? DM hopes so! We don't wanna be stingy with all the fun now, do we? So we'll see you this coming Wednesday folks, but till then, happy designing!

Raphyel M. Jordan
DM prez

Friday, April 24, 2009

Portfolio Review!? ...Ohhhhhhh SNAP!!!!

Sup DM! Long time no hear. I just got this info from Mrs. Horne, and I figured you'd good peeps would wanna hear about it ASAP.

Horne's Advanced Graphic Design Class will be having a portfolio review, and DM's been invited to participate!

The review is scheduled for Monday, May 4 from 1:30-4, the last day of classes. It will be in the gallery.

On top of that, she has touched basis with our Career Serives, and they will provide a chart of when the reviewers will be here so we can begin a sign-up sheet. Keep a good look out on that, k?

So here's the time to show your guns to tha big league. Lets brush up, get on dem game faces, and have a ball! ^_^ Till then, Happy Designing!

Raphyel M. Jordan
DM prez

ps.hey, isn't there sum MOVIE NIGHT thing goin on this Friday? (wink wink)